Coffs Harbour Real Estate & Business Since 1977!

Selling your business?

We have 2 licensed business brokers & a total of 4 licensed agents on hand!

Established in 1977, we’ve been helping people like you, sell their business since 1984. Over the years, we became 1 of only 2 offices Accredited by the Real Estate Institute of NSW in Business Brokerage in this district in the 90's & 21st Century...

Our strength, is that no matter what problems arise in the offering of your enterprise, our years of experience will help you overcome them so that you achieve your sale!

Having that experience, there really isn’t much we haven’t encountered!

The only difference between the 1980s & now, is that these days, we can tell whether anyone is looking at your listing for sale! Our industry standard web-site, allows us to inspect who’s been casting about for something for sale. This is more accurate through us, as only persons who actually open your listing & look, are registered!

This is very different from other such web-sites, in that they will count any movement which happens - for example, if your listing comes up on a page of say, 5 - that gets counted... one lark suggested they even count flies crawling up a wall!

Your private business records will not be released without a signed Confidentiality Statement. We do not alter your records in an attempt to ‘re-package’.

As Members of the Estate Agent’s Co-Operative since 1980, [& founding Members in this district] we are able to distribute your listing across hundreds of agents in NSW in case they have a customer. This costs no more - we share the selling fee in that situation.

Ask for Fred, Keith or Don to arrange a confidential consultation.